JD drones

JD drones

JD.com, Chinese e-commerce giant, is about to take off a fleet of giant drones that can carry loads of a ton for hundreds of miles.


In China JD.com, one of the largest e-commerce sites in the country, with Alibaba, recently started designing the largest delivery drone in the world. It is an unmanned 3-rotor aircraft capable of carrying loads of up to a ton for over 250 km.

The province of Shaanxi, has already authorized JD.com to operate on a few hundred low-altitude routes that will cover an area of 9000 sq. km. For now, the super drones will be used by farmers of the area to deliver the fresh products to JD.com without having to depend on public, rough, busy and often impracticable roads.

The project is part of a wider investment of JD.com in the province of Shaanxi: among the company’s plans there is a fully robotic logistic center that will occupy 30 hectares of surface, a drone factory, a scientific center and a server farm.


The super drone also represents a great technology victory of the Asian country on the United States: Amazon, in addition to not having anything with this capacity, is debating with the Federal Security Agency to obtain the authorization to make and fly their drones for short radius deliveries.

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