Speaking a foreign language is a very challenging skill, due to national cultural diversity and the number of companies doing business abroad. The ability to speak foreign languages ​​can help get a job, improving your requirements.

It does not even matter if you are a social worker,  work in medicine, in international affairs, to learn or teach a language or travel abroad: the ability to engage and communicate with customers in their language is a huge advantage.

Fortunately, two famous Japanese inventors have taken language translation to the next level, creating an instant translator called MUAMA Enence. This tool can easily translate speeches in real-time into over 40 languages, using only a few touches of fingers.

Therefore, to be able to use it as a communication tool, there is no need to know or learn another language. The difficulties generated by language barriers will soon be part of the past! What could be better?

Why is this contraption so special?  It guarantees instant communication in another language. Learning a new language takes months, or even years, of dedicated studies. MUAMA Enence can instantly turn anyone into a skilled communicator!

MUAMA Enence is not expensive. An experienced professional translator or interpreter is more expensive and must be paid for more than once. MUAMA Enence requires only a single payment for a wide selection of languages.

MUAMA Enence is more Comfortable and not complicated thanks to its lightweight design and its small size, and it is also easy to carry around in any pocket or bag, as well as being there when one needs it. From here derives the name “handheld vocal translator,” which you cannot do without using every day!

It is convenient to use even in crowded places since it has a Perfect sound quality, the sound is powerful enough to be heard clearly.

SUPPORTS OVER 40 LANGUAGES : Its advanced integrated technology can support a bidirectional linguistic translation. Also, text translation function is available.

Chinese (Simplified / Traditional / Cantonese)

 English (US / UK / Australia / India) French (France / Canada)

 Arabic (Egypt / Saudi Arabia / International

  Spanish (Spain / Mexico) Portuguese (Portugal / Brazil) Slovak Thai

  Italian Dutch Russian German

  Korean Japanese Hungarian Swedish

  Czech Finnish Danish Polish

  Greek Indonesian Bulgarian Malay

  Hindi (India) Vietnamese Croatian Catalan

  Ukrainian Romanian Romanian

Why will it make your life so much easier?

Although MUAMA Enence was created primarily for travelers, it has begun to gain enormous popularity even among people of various occupations. Suddenly, it became an essential accessory!

What amazed us is that more and more social workers and rescue workers, as well as volunteers, choose MUAMA Enence to simplify their work.

We asked the people who used the translator MUAMA Enence to explain how it works for them. The results showed that, after purchasing the translator MUAMA Enence, people drastically raised the quality of their work “Language barriers should no longer be a problem; therefore, the answer is YES! Moreover, this is the best time to do it, because the stocks of MUAMA Enence translators could end soon, due to the high popularity gained worldwide.

Do you want to be able to move to a new country for a week or two? Do you need to be able to communicate with new friends or family members in their mother tongue? Or are you obligated to master a language sufficiently to work full-time in a foreign country? Well, MUAMA Enence will be able to offer you all these things, and much more!

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