EXOMARS 2016-2018

EXOMARS 2016-2018


The mission is divided into two parts. In the first phase, programmed for March 2016, a probe (TGO) stayed in Mars orbit to discover if there’s methane and other gases (possible signs of active life) which are in the atmosphere, meanwhile a module (EDM) called Schiaparelli, which contains a meteorological station (Dreams), landed on Mars. The second phase of the mission will start in May 2018: the target of the mission is to take on Mars an innovative rover which will be able to move in any direction and which will have instrumentation for the penetration and for analyzation of the soil.ER

Scientific Targets

More in detail, the mission purpose is searching any traces of a past and current life on Mars, studying the geochemical characterization of the planet, the Martian environment, its geophysical aspects and identifying for future human mission.



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