SpaceX crew Dragon: Douglas Hurley

SpaceX crew Dragon: Douglas Hurley

Hurley is a New York local, born in Endicott on October 21, 1966. After moving on from Owego Free Academy in Owego, New York, in 1984, he went to school at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hurley earned his graduation degree in civil engineering and graduated magna cum laude with distinction from the college in 1988. While in school, he was an individual from the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps, where he was charged as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps.


After school, Hurley went to The Basic School at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia, and afterward flying school at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. He started flight preparing in 1989 and turned into a maritime pilot in August 1991.

Hurley served in the Navy as a military pilot, and up skilled to fly the F/A-18 Hornet, a supersonic fly. In 1997, he turned into a Navy aircraft tester, flying planes, for example, the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet airplane — further developed variants of the F/A-18 Hornet.

NASA chose Hurley for the Agency’s astronaut program in 2000. Following two years of preparing and quite a long while in different reinforce team roles, Hurley made his first spaceflight in July 2009, as the pilot for STS-127, International Space Station Assembly Mission 2J/An on board the space transport Endeavor.

During the STS-127 crucial, conveyed two new segments to the space station alongside new parts, batteries, equipment and water. The crucial crafted by 13 astronauts from each of the five universal accomplices supporting the space station. In 16 days, the crewmembers finished five spacewalks and 248 orbits of Earth.

Hurley’s second spaceflight was the STS-135/ULF7 expedition the space transport Atlantis in July 2011. The mission supplies to the space station, tried a mechanical refueling instrument and restored a bombed smelling salts siphon module for NASA to look at. The 13-day crucial NASA’s last space transport strategic.

With the space transport program at an end, NASA propelled the Commercial Crew Program to advance the improvement of private spaceflight organizations that the office would commission to send astronauts into space. In 2015, NASA reported that Hurley would join the organization’s five star of commercial group astronauts.

Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX’s Crew Dragon are the principal shuttle appointed by the U.S. government to send NASA space travelers into space.

“It’s a huge respect to simply be a part of this program and to dispatch American rockets from Florida once again,” Hurley said on May 16, 2020, during a meeting of the National Space Council.

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